You may be wondering, why would he cook all that pork? A crockpot full of Zuppa Toscana #foodporn #recipeincluded 1/4 bacon, 1lb Italian sausage (1/2 sweet, 1/2 hot), olive oil, 2 cloves garlic,1 onion, 4 cp chicken broth, w potatoes sliced, 3 cups chopped kale, 1/2 cup cream (at zombie topless bar)

It snowed last night? Excuse me while I cook all the pork I have in my house. #foodporn #notsorry


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He’s right behind me isn’t he? #paxeast (at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center)

Werk. #harvard (at Harvard Science Center)

🎼 Heaven, I’m in Heaven… 🎶 #spam #notsorry #foodporn #yeahscrewyouisaidfoodporn (at H Mart)

I look very lumberjack like today

I think I need a H-Mart snack intervention #foodporn #siracha #ramen #notsorry (at zombie topless bar)

Coney for dinner #foodporn (at zombie topless bar)

Holy crap I didn’t know it was real #metalgear #mgs3 (at video games)



Professional sculptor Stefanie Rocknak beat out 265 other artists from 42 states and 13 countries to create a sculpture honoring author and poet Edgar Allan Poe that will be displayed in Boston, Poe’s birthplace. A five-member artist selection committee decided on Rocknak’s stunning work that shows Poe with a suitcase in hand and a raven in front of him.

No wonder she won, holy butts, look at that majestic creature.

I cannot wait to Instagram this sculpture when it’s finally made.

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Breakfast from Cafe Burrito charizo, egg, queso cotija, tomatillo salsa, roast corn, and black beans. #foodporn (at Cafe Burrito)

Who else is going #paxeast #nerdlife

R.I.P. Lorenzo Semple Jr. - Creator of TV’s ‘Batman’